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Mittwoch, 01. August 2018

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Montag, 12. September 2016

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Montag, 02. June 2014

KNOPP Green Screeding Technology

CONTOPP® Admixtures listed in DGNB Navigator

Freitag, 20. September 2013

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Freitag, 20. September 2013

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Museum Punta Dogana, Venedig, Italy


Building Project
Museum Punta Dogana, Venedig, Italy
Size m² 3.000
Product CONTOPP Fibrecompound Duremit

Cement screed on polythene

Strength CT-C35-F5
Ready to lay


The restoration of “Punta Dogana“, a 15th century Venetian palazzo opposite the San Marco Square in Venice, is in the final stages

After its completion, the palazzo will accommodate a museum for contemporary art with the continuous exhibition of the collection of the French entrepreneur, Francois Pinault. The total area of the renovation work with which the Japanese architect, Tadao Ando, has been commissioned, amounts to 4,290 m2. The exhibition areas occupy 3,040 m2 of this. A 200 m2 literature cafe includes a library dedicated to contemporary art, while the visitors´ entrance area extends over 290 m2. A further 760 m2 will be used for the museum tours and viewing platforms on the Grand Canal.


“The aim was to link the past with the present. It was my intention to create something that from the contemporary takes us further to the future, hence creating a world centre for contemporary arts” stated architect, Tadao Ando. He added: “This overall concept compares the old structures from the 15th century with modern materials, like architectural concrete walls, which should symbolize the 21st century. If I´d have wanted a more refined material, I would have chosen marble. I think the decision to use a beautiful concrete better re presents the 21st century.” The choice of high-quality screeds was also of importance to the architect. After an extensive consideration of the available materials, the team opted for a CONTOPP® HDD SCREED. On account of the expected high live loads, a minimum strength class of CT-C35-F5 was required. The hydrophobating effect of the CONTOPP® HDD SCREED, represented a further key aspect for the construction in the flood-plagued lagoon city. Europave laid a 70 mm thick HDD screed on a bitumen damp proof membrane covering a total area of 3,100 m2. The results of the initial inspection and the ongoing quality monitoring have certainly lived up to the considerable expectations. The total area of the renovation work amounts to 4,290 m2. It cost a princely 25 million Euro to renovate the palazzo. The billionaire and art collector, Francois Pinault, who has earned his living from retailing luxurious goods and foodstuffs, is sure: “This museum in Venice is the only place in the world where my masterpieces will be exhibited. Only this building can do justice to the considerable quality of my contemporary art masterpieces.”

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